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3D Social

4.4 ( 1824 ratings )
Narzędzia Sieci społecznościowe
Desenvolvedor: daniel gonzalez
9.99 USD

3D Social is an all in one social network app. Simplify your life with 3D Social and access us so you don’t have to toggle between so many social network apps. Imagine that you are having a great brunch with your friends. You just want to post the gorgeous food photo you just took and tag your friends. Imagine that you use many social media: Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram, and many more to count. How many times should you toggle between those social net apps and post the pic over and over again? Frustrating and time consuming isn’t it? If you are one of social people who love to socialize and do a lot of social share, you must have felt the frustration of having to toggle between one social net app to another just to post an update or a picture. Social media should be fun, not time waisting. There are simply too many social sites to follow and update. We often waste a lot of time moving from one app to another to post the same thing or get the updates from our friends and followers. It is now time to make the process of following social media more simple and efficient. This is why we create 3D Social, the top all in one social network app on Appstore. Access us so you don’t have to access all other social sites one by one.
3D Social TOP Features:
• Simplify your life. Integrate your social accounts easily without having to toggle from app to app.
• Access ALL of your social net accounts in ONE PLACE.
• 3D Social supports: Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Instagram, Youtube, Pinterest, Tumblr, Flickr, deviantART, Reddit, Yahoo Answers, LiveJournal, Dailymotion, Xing, Digg, Meetup, Tagged, Taringa, MySpace, MyLife, Twoo, Match, Linkedin And Much, More!!
• Get updates from all of your social sites in ONE PLACE, without hassle.
• Post photos and updates easily to all social media service that you integrate with us.
• Open multiple social sites simultaneously in our app in a 3D Box.
• Awesome design and user experience. We design our app so everyone can understand how to use our app easily and make use of all our features to simplify their lives.
• Download our app an access us to get more advanced features that will enhance your experience in social media and social share!
• Frequent update. We keep adding cool new and advanced features that will be useful for our users and improve our app’s performance. ===================
In this increasingly busy world, time is very precious. There are so many things that need our focus and energy. There are so many things we have to keep up, especially if we are social people with vast connections to a lot of friends and followers. We create this social networking management app so that everyone can socialize on various social sites without hassle Nowadays, not only individuals benefit from social networking sites. Increasingly, business of many types must have social media presence if they want to keep up with their competitors. If you use social networking sites to promote yourself, your business, or your product, this app is even more useful for you. With very little investment, you can save countless hours of time and energy in managing your social media presence. We always strive to bring the best user experience for our users.